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Originally Posted by BlackDragon View Post
I had the same problem with the Battle of Odani Castle, so I checked another guide, and found out that there's a time-limit! And a fairly tight one at that. So you not only have to do all of the above, you have to do it QUICKLY. Ignore the enemy-spewing Gates, and any officers you're not specifically forced to fight, and use pausing to skip through long conversations quickly - that is, once an officer starts talking, hit Start and wait for them to finish, then hit start to return to the game - you save precious seconds that way, since there's a LOT of long-winded chatter in this mission. (And, of course, use Sun Wukong for his stupidly-high movement-speed. You might want to switch to someone else when fighting officers, though, since he has a lot of cooldown after most of his moves - or, alternately, get used to using jump-canceling.

(Oh, and you don't have to let Himiko get anywhere - she just has to have spawned before you kill Da Ji. Again, pausing is your friend...)

The guide I read said that you had to take down the last Sorcerer, and then Da Ji, within 7 minutes. I managed it in just under 8, and still got the treasure, though, so I suspect that 8 is the cutoff.

Should probably update the list with it.
Didn't realise that, wasn't really paying attention to time when I got this treasure, was killing everything pretty fast anyway. Thanks for the warning though.

EDIT:Realised I haven't mentioned this yet, but thanks to RaZeDieFox for making this brilliant guide and helping pretty much tons of people get the acquire all treasures achievement.

Just a quick note: have you made any more guides other than this one? Just wondering.

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