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Originally Posted by mjc0961 View Post
Wow, thread title is a huge oxymoron if I've ever seen one. A useful tip for 72k is to not use an unbreakable anything because you shouldn't be driving around long enough for your vehicle to break with just one book. You need to restock regularly or your kills per hour are going to take a dive. Thus having a vehicle that will last for 10,000 kills (or whatever number it would last for, I just made that up) is pointless because by the time you get 10,000 kills without restocking, you probably could have gotten 15,000 or more if you had been restocking the whole time.
not true. Im close to getting this achievemet with the suv and I havent restocked at all. Im also seeing the same concentration of zombies as long as I go from one side of the strips to the next.

Also anyone willing to hop in my game and give me some bike magazines? i currently have 11 car magazines and am willing to trade if needed. just send me a message

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