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Originally Posted by pined5551 View Post
Yeah, great race. I think i'll learn all the tracks now without the braking line so Brad doesn't have so much of a chance of escaping me like he did today again. I maintain that Brad is the better player due to the fact he doesnt use it. I think it was the same for everyone today, that the race line vanished. Lost so much time in the first 20 laps as a result. It wasn't until lap 23 that i put a time in close to what Brad was doing. I concluded that my race was thus with Daenius for 3rd, which much to his annoyance i took while he pitted Also a little irritating that we couldn't finish our last lap as i would have been able to grab a cheeky 2nd at the expense of Noddee haha. Oh well, on to China
Yeah, once I realised I had the win in the bag, I set my engine to Cruise and just took it comfortably round the track. Like Noddee said that he was getting away from me, it was only because I had slowed myself down as I almost smashed out half-way through.

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