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I actually think that was my best drive yet. Even though I only finished 7th.
By lap 5 I had been lapped twice by everyone, due to my racing line not being there I crashed off twice at the hairpin and lost my front wing.

From then on, it was just a matter of keeping the car on the track for the rest of the race as due to the times I could tell Crazy Biggaz was making mistakes a plenty.
I was posting consistent 1:46 times, which for me, without a racing line and on primes the whole race, was probably a good time. I was catching at what I'd think was 4-5 seconds per lap.

With about 15 laps left(I think) rain started to fall, but only gently. It started just as Daenius entered the pits and he switched to Intermediate tyres on the way down but this was eventually his downfall as the rain was very light, and didn't effect anyone until the last 2-3 laps.

By the end I had gotten my 2 laps back, and was only half the start/finish straight behind biggaz, however Brad, having lapped people went over the line before I got there and caused the race to end when we all got to the finish line.

Had the race gone on 1 lap longer, everything would've been different. Noddee had a puncture and had passed the pit lane, but struggled over the finish line. With the track wet at that point and with Pined and Daenius on Intermediates, they would surely have overtaken him. I would probably have overtaken Biggaz too. But it wasn't to be

Was a good race though, very tense in the last 2 laps or so!
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