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The race from my perspective:

Well, I was "fortunate" enough to have the qualifying time glitch on me, which put me into second, behind abspur x360a (who also had the time glitch). Would have preferred to start from the back truth be told, because I knew I wouldn't have the pace on this track. Also, first turn is scary at the front!

Anyway, the race begins, abspur and I get around the first turn alright. However, it doesn't take long for Brad to get in front. I only see him two times after this, when he is lapping me. lol. Coming up to the hairpin, Noddee is on my outside, I try to leave him space, but do not account for the extra weight of the car and give him a slight tap. Sorry! In second, but struggling with the car, Noddee quickly gets back into the action and overtakes me.

Next lap, back to the hairpin again. I make the same mistake and go off. Daenius overtakes. From here, we have a nice little battle for the next couple of laps, before Daenius has a spin. Now it's his turn to chase me. We have another tussle for 3 or 4 laps, though this time he comes out victorious. I end up in the gravel and both Daenius and Pined overtake me.

Pined was driving erratically to begin with, due to the lack of a racing line. Which meant I could actually keep up with him! The three of us (Pined, Daenius and I) were fighting amongst ourselves, with Brad and Noddee miles ahead. The next few laps remain close. I finally get past Pined when he loses traction on the turn up the hill. Unfortunately, a couple of turns later, my hard work is undone. In the gravel!

I slowly begin to track down Pined again. My race however, is about to be turned on its head. Rounding the second last corner, my front left tyre blows out. I was pushing too hard I guess. I amble to the pits, losing a lot of time. It is lap 15, my race strategy is out the window, I'm stuck in 5th. I remain in 5th for the rest of the race. It is quite an uneventful 30 odd laps, as most of the time I am alone. The top 4 occasionally pass by, lapping me.

I didn't really see LFC or Crazy BigGaz, though (by his commentary) LFC was fighting tooth and nail to catch Crazy BigGaz. abspur, Myth and Slowinfastout all have connection issues and are disconnected from the race. A shame, as it could have been very interesting had those 3 remained.

End of Race Summary.

Considering this is one of my worst tracks to race on, I am quite pleased with the result. Hopefully I can be more competitive in next weeks race.

Thanks for the race everyone. No real incidents, which is always good. Especially when full damage is enabled... Think I'll set my alarm next time, rather than stay up, as I am totally dead now. Going to have a major sleep in.
Done with achievements.

I apologise for any incomplete achievement guides.

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