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Originally Posted by NUTZILLA313 View Post
This game may look cool, but trust me, it's not cool at all. As for the playthroughs, it wouldn't be so bad if they would just stack the difficulty ones. The one good thing is that the game does go by pretty quick, thankfully.

the game does look cool, and is pretty neat at first, but the graphics are pretty crappy and the cover system and shooting are choppy and the stealth isnt that great. the only thing thats really neat is the kill moves and the only mission that i really liked was the first one. the difficulty achievements dont stack, which sucks, and the "hard" playthrough is somewhat difficult, but the storyline is short, so it makes for easy achievements. the achievements for blowing up fire extinguishers and blowing up people with grenades and explosive objects seem to take alot more than what they say. no one really plays online either so to me its not really worth anything over 10 bucks. i got it yesterday at gamestop for like $16 and ive gotten all the offline achievements. im most likely going to return it next time im at gamestop. in the meantime, if anyone wants to boost for online achievements, send me a message. my gamertag for xbox is dracon74
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