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Eye of the Storm - 15
Complete the Final Battle level

Story related and cannot be missed.
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

To the Moon - 50
Complete the Game

Story related and cannot be missed. This unlocks after you defeat the final boss and it comes right after the achievement for “Eye of the Storm”. Congratulations you’ve completed the final level.

Art of War - 10
Discover all of the Combat Bonuses

Just keep fighting enemies and it should unlock during the course of normal play. I had it pop for me during the beginning of level 2. I honestly don't know what the combat bonuses are as I didn't see any mention of them during the entire game.

Savior - 10
Save all of the civilians in the Final Battle

You need to save all the groups of civilians in the Final Battle (level 8). There aren't too many but I put them in the "collectibles" guide anyway. It can be found here.

Power Up! - 10
Spend 1000 on upgrades

See "Investor".

Investor - 25
Spend 10000 on upgrades

You earn DNA points while playing through the levels destroying objects and defeating enemies. You can then use the DNA to purchase upgrades for your aliens. Once you have spent 10000 points and exit the power up menu back to the game screen, the achievement will unlock.

Deep Pockets - 50
Earn One Million DNA

You earn DNA points while playing through the levels destroying objects and defeating enemies. When you have collected 1,000,000 points the achievement will unlock. This counts as the total collected throughout the game and does not mean that you have to have a million points on hand all at the same time. With that in mind, feel free to spend the points as you get them to max out your aliens. This will require completing the game and then replaying levels to get the total amount OR see "100 Hit Combo" for a relatively quick way to 1,000,000 using Swampfire on level 2.

Brawler - 10
Defeat 100 enemies

See "Conqueror".

Warrior - 15
Defeat 200 enemies

See "Conqueror".

Conqueror - 25
Defeat 500 enemies

You will unlock the “defeat 100, 200 and 500 enemies” achievements during the course of the game. If by some miracle you don’t have this by the end, go back and replay the levels until you do. A good level to replay is level 1 because you get over 100 enemies by the time you complete the Ultimate Humungosaur event. This achievement popped for me during level 3 of regular play but I did replay level 1 once.

10 Hit Combo - 10
Get a 10 hit combo

See "100 hit combo".

25 Hit Combo - 25
Get a 25 hit combo

See "100 hit combo".

50 Hit Combo - 50
Get a 50 hit combo

See "100 hit combo".

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