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100 Hit Combo - 50
Get a 100 hit combo

You will likely get the 10 and 25 hit combos during the course of your first playthrough. The 50 and 100 hit combos are the ones you will have to try for. A combo is counted by keeping a continuous chain of attacks going against multiple foes. You have about 3 seconds between attacks to continue the chain and if you get hit during the combo it resets to 0.

An easy 10, 25 and 50 hit combo can be done with Swampfire:
During level 2 (Eiffel Tower) and right after the first save point (be sure to save first) is a room where you need to melt the teeth of a large snake. Before you can do that though, you need to fight a large group of minions. Start back behind the stairs and destroy the plant and armor so they don't mess with your combo. Now let the first couple of guys come to you. Attack the first one with a regular attack. Then go for the second guy and launch a special attack by holding and pressing . This will add about 10 or so hits to your combo. Now aim for a third guy with some more regular attacks and that will put you close to the front of the stairs. Launch another special attack on a fourth guy and if you are lucky it will also hit a fifth guy putting your total at or near 30. You can take out another guy with regular attacks and then block. Once anyone hits your block, attack again with regular attacks and your meter should be full just enough to unleash another special attack which will put you at or just a couple of hits away from 50. Block and then attack anyone left to just edge over the mark. The best part about this location is there are enough enemies to actually get the hits and if you mess up you can just finish off the remaining guys, melt the teeth, walk in the toxic spill with anyone other than NRG and die. You restart right there and can then try again as often as you like. As a bonus, while you are practicing your big combos you get to keep the combat DNA you earn. It does not go away after you die so this is a quick way to 1,000,000 too. Best I did at this location was 76 hits and over 200,000 points for 1 fight. Not bad for a couple of minutes. Multiply that times 5 more fights at this location and you are done collecting DNA points for the rest of the game after maybe fifteen minutes. Once you've got the combo down or have all the DNA points you want, just complete the level to save your stuff.

For the easiest opportunity to get a 100 hit combo a huge thanks goes to Cheattaro on for the link to this video by FrankNStein:

To do this you need to make your way to the boss of level 6. Run over to either side and hang out near the wall. The technique we are going to use is to ONLY attack the big guy and not bother with the skinny guy on top. The big guy is invincible so you won't damage the shared life bar. The pattern is simple; start with 5 or 6 regular attacks then block the big punch and explosive. Add in 5 or 6 more regular attacks and block the big punch and the explosive again. Just keep repeating until you get to 100. Now at some point the explosive and the punch will be out of sync. You may only be able to land a hit or 2 before you need to block again. Just don't delay landing the next hit for too long and you will be all set. The good news is that you will see the explosive coming and the punch has a huge wind up. Even better news is that if you die, you get to restart right from the beginning of this boss fight. Compared to the other locations this was an EPIC find. Thanks again!

Thanks for the earliest (although more difficult) opportunity to get a 100 hit combo goes to Chaosblade07 on
Using Swampfire and during the mini boss fight with the robot type guy on level 1, use the same strategy outlined above for the 50 hit combo but instead of using and use and . The key is in doing the attack to all the small guys while avoiding the robot's attacks. It will take a couple of tries but once you get the hang of it you will see it’s a great spot because there are more than enough minions that keep spawning. As long as you move quick and pay attention to what the robot is doing, it is possible.

Better, Faster, Stronger! - 10
Fully upgrade one alien

You only need to max out one of the aliens for this to unlock. See "Ultimate Aliens" for more information.

Ultimate Aliens - 50
Fully upgrade all aliens

You need to upgrade 10 of the 11 aliens to the maximum level by spending your DNA points. The unlockable character Rath does NOT need to be maxed out to get this achievement. At the beginning you can only max out the characters a certain amount. More upgrade slots become available as you play the game. You will know an alien is done when their bar on the upgrade screen is full. The aliens and how much each one costs to max out are:
  • Ampfibian - 122,720
  • Armodrillo - 127,120
  • Big Chill - 125,940
  • Echo Echo - 110,120
  • Humungosaur - 129,160
  • NRG - 125,940
  • Spidermonkey - 122,720
  • Swampfire - 125,940
  • Terraspin - 122,720
  • Waterhazard - 125,940
For a total of 1,238,320 points. Use the Swampfire combo, die and restart method listed in the 100 hit combo description for a quick way to the million.

Vandal - 5
Destroy 30 breakable objects

See "Menace".

Threat - 15
Destroy 200 breakable objects

See "Menace".

Menace - 25
Destroy 500 breakable objects

During the course of playing through the game you will come across various objects that you can destroy. They are pots, coffins, debris piles, benches, dumpsters, etc. Keep on destroying the objects around the levels until you have unlocked the achievements. You get a breakdown at the end of the level that tells you how many items you destroyed. You can obtain this by the 5th or 6th level if you keep destroying everything you find. If for some reason you do not have this by the end of the game just keep replaying levels until you get it.

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