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Powerhouse offense 5
Win 2fort with a shutout.
Private match, with a friend and get the intelligence without letting your opponent get it.
You can also get this achievement by setting up a system link match with the 2Fort map and play it on your own, alone. Set the round to 1 and 15 mins, then simply grab the enemy intelligence 3 times and bring it back to your base. When you win the game, the achievement will pop (other achievements (Dynasty, Head of the Class and World Traveler) will also progress with this method.

Impenetrable Defense 10
Successfully defend Dustbowl without giving up a capture.
See lightning offense but defend it (dont give any captures).
Again, system link game, 1 round, 15 mins. Change your team to the red one (defending). Let the timer run out and you will win the game and get the achievement (along with other progress too)

100% Completed games (including DLCs)

100% Win8 games: 8
100% WP7/8 games: 31
100% retail games: 46
100% XBLA games: 49

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