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Originally Posted by Geckyy View Post
Realised I haven't mentioned this yet, but thanks to RaZeDieFox for making this brilliant guide and helping pretty much tons of people get the acquire all treasures achievement.

Just a quick note: have you made any more guides other than this one? Just wondering.
Thanks bro, appreciate it . Thanks to you as well for the helpful input you put in as well.

But anyways, nah this is pretty much the only one Ive made, most of the time I dont play games quick enough after they come out to make any guides before someone else does. With this game, I didnt like any guides around the net, so I made this guide. Replaying every treasure scenario, pausing to write down key enemies, times etc etc.

If they come out with Orochi 3, which I doubt unfortunately , Ill probably make some sort of guide for that if need be.
My Warriors Orochi 2 Guide

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