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Originally Posted by breadd View Post
Office is THE easiest 3 star, mad easy (once you take the glass out beforehand). Also got this game recently to mop up the 1000G which took a few days. Spent hours going through the time trials 3 starring them all to realise you only need 50 stars. So after smashing my head against the wall I could just 1 and 2 star the rest fairly easily for the cheevs.

Deff recommend the time trials before the speedruns as there's a bunch of parts the same so you can use the same quick roots which a number of youtube video's take longer routes in these parts.

Last level speed run was a bit of a pain.
Haha! Must have been annoying. xD

I've 3-starred 4 courses now, so now I "only" have to 2-star the rest... Yay! But yeah, the last ones seems to be like a real pain...

Yeah, I realized the same thing a while ago... will defenitly need all training I can get to get past the speedrun of chapter 2...
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