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Road Map

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 26 (950)
-Online: 1 (50)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30-40 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: -
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Glitched achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: no cheats available
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: no

The achievements for PES 2011 are very similar to last year's game, but a little quicker due to ability to sim more. Everything can be done on the lowest difficulty if you want. The first 900 can be achieved in about 10 hours, leaving only the online achievement and the 10 season achievement in Master League. If you are good at the game or have a boosting partner the online will only take a few hours. Ten seasons in Master League is very time consuming as you can only sim one game at time. Personally I didn't finish this last achievement but a season can easily take 2+ hrs.

Abbreviated Walkthrough :

Master League (325)
Start a Master League with Barcelona (because Messi seems to be pre-programmed to win Footballer of the Year the first year giving an achievement for 70). Make sure you are on manual save, not auto. Sim every game making sure you do not lose (draw is OK), and save every few games or after the most difficult games. This first season will take about 2 hours. Reload as needed until you finish the season undefeated (90), winning league (15), cup, champions league (2 for 50) and being ranked #1 (50). You will now have all the Master League achievements except for 10 years of service (50). Continue simming if you are going for the full 1000; the results donít matter, but this is going to take you an estimated 20 hours.

Copa Libertadores (80), Champions League (110) and Other Achievements (180)
Time to play some games; about 28 in all so this will take 2-3 hours. From the main menu choose Copa Libertadores and pick any team you like, Beginner level, 5 minutes (I'm leaving the free kicks achievement until later, but if you want to go for that at the same time then up the difficulty to Amateur so you will get fouled). Make a note of each stadium you play in as you will need this later.

In the first game start by scoring an own goal, now come back scoring a hat-trick with one player. When you have done this just pass back to a defender (he wont be challenged) and let time run out while boosting your possession percentage (2 Achievements for 25). In the next four games also score a hat-trick (35). In the next game keep it scoreless and then win it with a goal in injury time (10). After this continue on to the end of the competition scoring at least 2 goals a game and remember to keep holding the ball for your possession percentage. Three more achievements will pop after the 10th game (70). After you win the Copa Libertadores (80) move on to the Champions League. Keep scoring at least 2 goals per game until Predatory Striker pops after the 20th game (40). At this point just win by any margin until you win the Champions League final (40 for making the knockout phase, 70 for winning it all).

Clean-Up (110)
Now letís do some cleanup in Exhibition games; this should take no more than an hour if you can get the hang of free kicks. Keep time at 5 mins and Amateur or Beginner difficulty; no need to win any of these games. If youíve been keeping your list of stadiums you can now begin working through the remaining ones; after playing in all 25 you get an achievement (20).

Along the way edit an opponent (from the main menu) so that all players have the minimum height and the maximum aggression. Also make the GK the corner kick taker. This should make it easy to get Long Ranger (50) and Dead Ball expert (40). The rest of the time you can just pass back to a defender and take a snooze until the half ends. One tip for the free kicks; using Messi and holding RT as you strafe along the edge of the box seems to be the best way to get fouled.

Become a Legend (145)
The final single player achievements are in the BAL mode; choose Beginner, 5 mins. You can sim BAL seasons much faster than Master League; along the way you will need to play about 8-10 games so the total time will be roughly 4-5 hours. I chose to be a CF as scoring lots of goals seems best to get the World Player achievement; be sure to choose a country that will qualify for the World Cup. Sim ahead to the first regular season game and play it (10). Now continue simming the first four seasons up to the World Cup in season 4. Each year you should be changing team and donít play too many seasons in the same country as you need to play in six countries.

By season 4 you should be rated about 84; this is reported as enough to be in the starting lineup for Czech Republic. Personally I chose England and I wasnít sure I would be a starter so I played the two friendlies before the WC started just to ensure my place. In the WC play all the games and score a hatful of goals so you are the player of the tournament (2 achievements for 45). You can now sim the rest of the season; being PoT seems to guarantee that you will also be World Player of the Year (50).

Continue switching clubs in seasons 5-10 for the final achievement in this mode (40).

Online (50)
I havenít played online, but unless you are good enough to win more than ĺ of your games I suggest boosting with a partner. A total of 30 games would be required for the two of you. I donít know if this still works but last year you could end the game quickly by scoring 3 own goals (you must play a full game for the last match to get the achievement).
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