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Originally Posted by KewlBrettC View Post
I have a question. Say I was playing Gears of War on my 360. Could my Brother in law also be playing Halo 2 on his computer on my gamertag?
No. Just like with the 360, a gamertag can only be signed in in one place/machine at a time.
Originally Posted by Carlp View Post
I have a question about the achievements in Halo 2 Vista.
Like thats a PC game, how can you get achievements there?
Will they be transfered to your gamercard? That would be kickass to have Halo 2 achievements there
Your gamertag is no longer a 360 tag, it's a Live tag. This means that it will have achievements for both 360 and PC games.
Originally Posted by adrian_1803 View Post
Can i play halo 2 vista whit a copy disc??
Probably not. Just buy the game.
Originally Posted by jimbonoel View Post
Just one small question!
If I buy the game how to I activate my gamertag on the PC?
You just log in with it just like on the 360. The Live guide interface is almost exactally like the one on the 360.

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