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City of Lights

cutting board calamity 1 - behind blue tarps in back lot - flour
cutting board calamity 1 - on blue tarps in back lot - milk
cutting board calamity 3 - start of level, turn around, on the right - mushroom
daring dash 1 - right side of road, up climbable wall at the end - chocolate
daring dash 2 - steps to kitchen - cream
daring dash 3 - left sidewalk close to the end - bacon
pest control 1 - at end of ledge under the one with the moth bulb - sugar
pest control 2 - on rooftops, across skylights and past wind - vanilla bean
pest control 3 - on rooftop, at back right by the rat traps - basil

army ants - on arch - done
gusteau chase - start of level, middle of street - done
springboard race - middle of back lot - done

rooftop rolling - on arch - done
how now bowwow - middle of street by the car - done
soupy assistance - rooftop, by ants - done
barrel blow-up - just as you enter back lot - done
light bulb bundle - barrels in middle of back lot - done


Little Chef - Big Kitchen

cake walk 1 - after floating umbrella through updrafts - cheese
cake walk 2 - behind 2 red pots on stove near brick wall - an egg
cake walk 3 - on top of hood over middle ovens - butter
linguine's cooking station dream 1 - latchkey distraction - nutmeg
linguine's cooking station dream 2 - latchkey distraction - a chive
linguine's cooking station dream 3 - latchkey distraction - green beans
linguine's cooking station 1 - chili pepper valve volley - spinach
linguine's cooking station 2 - chili pepper valve volley - escargot
linguine's cooking station 3 - chili pepper valve volley - bell pepper

army ants - near office door, by springboard - done
springboard race - front of clothes area (entrance to kitchen) - done
gusteau chase - right in front of you when you start - done

hoisting the hefty weight - top shelf near office/storage (above army ants) - done
elevation extermination - near freezer door - done
latchkey distraction - boxes near stove in middle of kitchen - done
chili pepper valve volley - middle of the kitchen - *** BROKEN FOR ME ***
magnet muster - storage area floor - done


The City Market

Roll-ing Rampage 1 - to the left from start, around corners and across broom -
Roll-ing Rampage 2 - behind butcher, through ants (close to start) -
Roll-ing Rampage 3 - next to Boulangerie sign, near kid -
Fish Fry 1 - under fish market, on ice slide keep left - zucchini
Fish Fry 2 - under fish counter, by live crab you see from start - pepper
Fish Fry 3 - under fish market counter, by styrofoam coolers -
Ruckus on a Ball 1 - Card springboard table at the back of kitchen, up cards and over board - Carrots
Ruckus on a Ball 2 - under table near back of market
Ruckus on a Ball 3 - Back Right corner of market

springboard race - under the spinning cheese near the butcher's table - done
army ants - close to fish market and kid - done
gusteau chase - middle of kitchen somewhere - done

Tipping the Scales - to the right from start, in the window - done
Rolling Pin Rescue - right by start - done
Dodging Danger, Dolly - on floor to the left from start - done
control Switch Conundrum - up climbable board onto butcher table - done
music of mollusks - at the end of the slide under the fish market - done


The Desserted Kitchen

Pests Outta Control 1 - coffee area
pests outta control 2 - to the right from coffee area by some apple boxes
Pests Outta Control 3 - middle of kitchen over green stuff on shelf next to parboiled panic
conveyer contraption 1 - at top of shelf next to knocked over one in shelving area
Conveyer Contraption 2 - mixing area to the left of mixers, on a bottom shelf
conveyer contraption 3 - past cooking area by wall and coins near jumpable pot handles
Linguine's Cooking Nightmare - Vegetable barrage - pototaoes
Linguine's Cooking Nightmare - Vegetable barrage - tomato
Linguine's Cooking Nightmare - Vegetable barrage - tuna

ant army - closed storage area next to some bags of flour - done
springboard race - straight and to the right from entrance, by clothes and door - done
gusteau chase - in cart across from clothes/pantry area - done

Powder Room Prison - by freezer door - done - ** FORGOT TO FLUSH TOILET OF ALL THINGS!!! **
Plentiful Platters of Plenty - coffee area next to syrup - done
Parboiled Panic - middle of kitchen over green stuff on shelf - done
Glide, Rat, Glide! - straight and to the right from entrance, by clothes and door -
vegetable barrage - on sink near climbable sausages - done

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