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Originally Posted by MC B0B x360a View Post
doing expert on the first season is not a good idea. haha. I did a race on easy and then went to expert in the virgin car. I used the expert exploit and ran my fastest lap ever at bahrain I was still nearly 3 seconds off the pole and only qualified in the teens. How mcuh faster do the cars get as you move to better teams. I would need to shave about 2 seconds off each lap just to compete for the lead. I will also mess with my set ups a bit more also.
I have fuel and tyre sim on, in a Virgin at Bahrain I can go around 1:58/9
However 2nd season in the Ferrari I pulled a 1:55 in qualifying and 1:56/7 through the race. Everything is generally a little sharper in a better car adding up to a big difference.
I imagine it will be even bigger at Red bull/Mclaren.
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