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Originally Posted by Wratty View Post
I can't remember and now can't find it on the marketplace which is odd. However I think it was around 3.99.

Rather excited this morning as Flight Control has appeared and is my fave iPhone game by far!! (3.99)
i assume this means you and others have windows phone 7 with xbox games so can someone please tell me how many games will fit on 8gb as i really want to stay with three as i been with them since they launched and they have promised to knock at least 5 off their monthly package however on thee the only xbox phone (as i call them) is 8gb with none expandable so 8gb is the limit and someone said in 2 days they used 3gb but they could have bought 30 games for all i know.anyway just a few of the file sizes for some of the biggest games.after just getting rid of my 20gb xnox 360 after 3+ years i really dont want to go back to being stuck for space after only a week and constantly having to delete stuff. also with the 500mb data allowance.if i downloaded a 200mb file size does that add to the 500mb monthly data download ? i only have a ipod touch, never had a smartphone with internet
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