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Originally Posted by NoThru22 View Post
The NIN achievement is indeed on drums as it is a goal under drums. I was confused because I am playing pro drums and some achievements/goals stack and some don't. This one does, but still does not show up under pro drums.

You can't get Face Melter (beat 3 80's metal songs) on pro drums. I need to find it in the goals section of whatever instrument it's needed on (probably guitar.)
Yes. Face Melter is ONLY unlockable on guitar. The 53K HOPO achievement is also ONLY unlockable by playing guitar (bass HOPOs count towards bass goals but not towards THAT achievement). The achievement description isn't completely clear on that.

I wanted to ask you guys this last week:

Has anyone started working on a Rock Band 3 achievement guide yet? A handful of people got the game early, but no guide was posted. I wasn't sure if one was written and it just hadn't been posted or not. If no one got around to it, I could post a temp guide Wednesday evening for everyone. Some of the achievement descriptions are not completely clear and a guide would make short work of some of these cheevos.

I made some notes about some of them and some helpful tips that might be useful to some of you. For example:

All challenges with specific custom setlists (like a "Country Custom Setlist") can be changed to meet whatever criteria you need to finish other achievements (Rock Band 3 only, DLC only, etc). The fastest way to get through the achievements would be to work on the DLC achievements in challenges...or whichever ones you want to knock out first. Either way, it's best to start with challenge mode off the bat. And players can work on the RB3 song-related cheevos when the only setlist choices include RB3 songs and random setlists.

And one note about random setlists--when you select one, the top of the screen tell you what songs have been chosen. So you can select and back out of a set until you get the song(s) you need to play for achievements.

Yeah...that's just a little example. It comes across as a bit that belongs in a Road Map, but I think you guys can get an idea of the descriptions with the above. I know that people on this board get outraged if someone works on a guide that they also worked on. But I REALLY just want to make sure that the achievement descriptions can be easily explained to everyone (a guide would help with that). I can't tell you how much time I would've saved on day one with clearer explanations than the ones the game DIDN'T tell me.

So if you guys think this sounds like a good idea, just post in this thread and I'll try to have it typed up by Wednesday evening. I have the Pro drums and all the other instruments except the keyboard (I'm getting that by UPS Wednesday) and the Pro guitar (waiting on the Squire next year, so that info would have to be supplied by someone that pre-ordered a Mustang).
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