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not sure if this has been discussed exactly, but for the arcade achievments. I read the guide where he explains to just run through the wrenchworks level at the start of the game and use invisible woman and ms marvel which works well. He also explained to just use 2 controllers and load the second one up at the end of the level, this works also. I wanted to throw this in, which I found works well. After you get the arcade win by loading up the second controller on the player screen, when you are in the omega exterior go straight to the shield save point but not before pausing the game and disabling the second controller where it says player on the left menu. Go to the shield point and extract back to wrenchworks and run through the level again and then at the end, pause the game and enable the second controller and exit for another win. I found this a little faster. sorry if it has been discussed already.

Note: this only works for so long, you can actually disable the 2nd controller go back through the door, enable and kill some stuff and then go back into the door and still get a win. Once you kill everything, you have to start over.

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