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Originally Posted by Radical Dylan View Post
I fell in battle, and dashboarded it. I appeared at my last checkpoint when I started back up, but it says I have fallen in battle once in my stats. Is that normal? or does that mean it saved right when I fell in battle?
I am the one who contributed that tip and have seen other people confirm it as well. However I did not notice in my stats whether or not I got knocked out in battle or not. I would assume that yours might have saved it before you got to dashboard, but I dont know for sure. I definitely fell in battle, it told me, and I dashboarded. The achievement popped after the credits.

Originally Posted by phat4lyphe View Post
A note for tough luck,

I just finished the game with taking every profitable decision while king and fell about 800k short of the required 6.5 million. I thought making all evil decisions would get me to the 6.5 mill, but it looks like you need to make yourself a fair amount of money, and donate it to the treasury before finishing to get this.
An additional note for this that I posted in it's own topic is that to be completely "good" and save all of the people you will need 9 million of your own money. 6.5 for the people and 2.5 for the decisions
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