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Originally Posted by Slane View Post
Just an FYI to anyone else, 'Flower Power' may be bugged atm. I'm currently residing at 29/30 flowers and have gone over every square inch w/o finding the 30th.

There is one place in 'Shiting Sands', exit out of the army outpost (side of Crossroads door) and turn left. You'll see a circle sand dune, your dog should say treasure and run to a spot. Nothing is there. Runs to the same spot, no matter which direction you run from. I believe it is the last flower. Just sent a bug report to Lionhead. Hopefully they can confirm my suspicion and get a fix out.
I'm running into the exact same issue. What flower are you missing, just for reference. I'll have to check which colors I have, I dont even remember what the last color was

Edit: I have red, yellow, purple, orange and green. I am missing a blue

but i did find someone who was missing just a yellow. I'm going to make a new thread for it

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