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Rammers always spoil the online races.

I ain't had this game long.

Played online for only about 1 or 2 hours.

But I probably won't again.

It's full of people who need to crash out other people to get ahead. Many times iv gotten into first place only on next corner to be violently rammed and tossed about like wet paper.

Now I know this is a problem wih online racing games, a few even punish people for doing it, but this one takes the piss.

At least on Forza they need to pay to repairs their cars. But on this here's nothing to stop them from ramming. So I need to stay on the point to point to get any fun outta multiplayer.

There isint even a no contact option. Except for going the wrong way and stopping. But you should have a limit to how many cars can be hit by you. Then place you back like they pressed the BACK button. Spoils it for any new players on it. Like me.
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