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Ninja Stance
(Remember, the random enemy called ‘Samurai Hunter’ will carry any of these. He only seems to appear when you high reputation will all job brokers. He looks like one of the Biwa players but will actually be walking around and following you).

Syuzen. Misae’s ‘Assassinate Lord Shuzen’ job. This is the standard weapon.

Ninjas. Hard. Rare. Get the job ‘Fujimori’s Ninja’s’ from Kiyonari. The 3 Ninjas occasionally carry it.

Koharu. You will find Koharu in Omiki by the onion patch, she is hiding in a corner. Also dropped by Ninjas in ‘Fujimori’s Ninja’s’ Job. Hard.


Ouka Leader. During the supplies mission you get from Shinnosuke, the leader will sometimes carry this. Also occasionally carried by Koharu and the Ninjas from ‘Fujimori’s Ninja’s’. Hard. Rare.

Otome (Partner).


Kirie replacement. Occasionally you may come across a unique looking Fujimori General with a random name in places where you would usually find Kirie, he will carry this. The best time to get this is when going for one of the ‘With Shuzen’ endings. You will have an inkling where you talk to Kirie and tell him too attack the bandits. If you make sure to kill Kirie at your first opportunity, then either pay or complete the ‘Kill 100’ mission from Kiyonari, you can still work towards one of these endings, and when you get to this particular inkling, you will find Kirie’s replacement instead. Kill him and the weapon is yours. Hard.

Koharu. Instant Kill.

Zaji. If you do all the inklings in The Road correctly, during one of the night time ones you will be attacked by Zaji. Defeat him and he will drop this. Follow the guide for ending 21 “Undercover” and you will definitely get this.

Spear Stance
(Remember, Yukino appears in Omiki between 18:00-00:00 and she can carry any of the spears except for Rasetsunyo)

Kuchihagahara. On the ground inside the tent.

Fujimori Guards. Normal.

Fujimori Guards.

Fujimori Guards. Hard.

Fujimori Guards. Ronin. Hard.

Ouka Clansmen. Hard. Seems to drop more frequently during the ‘With Shuzen’ endings. When you return to Amana for the final time, you will immediately enter battle with waves of Ouka Clansmen, they often carry them at this point, and you get time to search around the weapons after you beat them all.


Yukino. Instant Kill. Can also drop during large battles on Instant Kill, but I would recommend farming it off Yukino instead.

Bamboo Spear
Villagers. One always drops during the battle to join Fujimori.

Long Green Onion
Villagers. Omiki onion patch. One always drops during the battle to join Fujimori.

Villagers. There is always a person sweeping at one end of the Posting Station for you to farm this off.

You don’t need to get the partners to join you, just for them to appear then you can kill them and take their weapon. For that reason, I'm not going to list how to get the partners to join you. You only need one for the achievement and that is already explained in the achievement guide.
Posting Station from 06:00-12:00. After day 30.

Guard Gate from 09:00-15:00. You need to find the 4 cats littered throughout the game and apologize to each one for about 90 seconds, at which point they will start following you around. You know when you’re successfully apologizing as the cat will start rolling on it’s back, when you see that for the first time, start your 90 second count and you should be fine.
The 4 cats appear in The road, Amana, Omiki and Takatane. They can be anywhere, and will not always spawn, so check for them during daylight hours. Once you have the cat following you, feel free to fast travel to the next location, you’ll never need to find that one again.
You will recognize Nyanya as she wears the cat accessories and carries a big fish on her belt (as you do).

Omiki between 12:00-18:00. You first need to gain maximum reputation (600 yen per job) with all 4 job brokers before she will appear.
Guard Gate from 18:00-00:00. You need to get at least 1000 kills in one playthrough before he will spawn.

Omiki between 20:00-02:00. You need to have low trust with all job brokers (kill about 4 people in all 4 areas), then, when she appears (in the same building you go to during Misae’s ‘Assassinate lord Shuzen’ job).

The Road between 06:00-12:00. After day 15 go to The Road and she is usually standing behind a fence next to the road coming from Amana (Old lady character).

Omiki between 18:00-00:00. You need to have completed about a half dozen inklings before she will appear.

My First Guide!! Way of the Samurai 3
If you have any questions, please pm me on here then send me a message on Live to let me know its here and I'll get to it asap.

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