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Originally Posted by dalton32389 View Post
could i turn on no fail mode for endless setlist and walk away from the game?
I've read that you can, but you need to press A at the end of every song. So you can walk away, but only for minutes at a time.

Also, there's an edit button.

As an addition from the guide thread (figured this was a better place to put it):

Most Authentic Strummer:
Is anyone else having weird upstrum issues on bass?
I went to do the 100% upstrum challenge, and while playing Charlene it randomly thinks I'm downstrumming when I'm really not (the percentage upstrummed decreases on random notes). I've tried it on two guitars (RB1 wired and RB2 strat wireless) and I've had no trouble before. I've also tried holding the strumbar in different upward positions to no avail.

EDIT: I seem to be making progress by holding onto and pulling the strumbar outward and strumming up. Maybe the down sensor is really really sensitive.

EDIT2: Really weird, there seems to be this strange up/down threshold. If I hit early, it's an upstrum, otherwise it's a downstrum. I 100% the song regardless, so I'm not missing anything. Maybe the timing window is really funky and likes to mess up the note hits.
Finally got it, though. That's messed up.

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