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Hey me again.

I can now confirm that this worked for me, i also understand now what had happened before, my rather clever AI decided to wipe out the Ieyasu which probably made the event impossible (i gave up after i reached 1620) Also i was wrong about the Custom general i had created another to see what the lv 4 weapon would look like and had him from the start it didnt seem to effect the game at all.

Oh one thing i noted was that the Toyatomi clan did decide to take over 3 additional fiefs i took these fiefs so that Toyatomi had only their starting fiefs by 1614 this also did not effect the event but it did mean that they get attacked so thats something to watch out for for anyone else thats trying to do this! Do what i did and have a long alliance with them which means you can defend them till your ready to wipe the floor with them .

Oh and way to go Murbay on figuring it out and on the history lesson
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