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Originally Posted by Tyger7 View Post
It looks like the blueprints are random as far as what they give you. If someone else can confirm that there is a TMD that exists before my 2/7 I would like to add that so there'd be a total of 8 upgrades. Not that I don't believe you, but since this game seems random, I would like to know if someone else found it there too.
I can vouch for MrFresh's claim that the Scientist TMD Blueprint is missing before TMD Blueprint 2/7 "Search and Destroy". Otherwise, this guide is dead on so far and has been VERY helpful. When you're walking towards the hatch Barisov is holding open for you go left and it's on a table against the glass wall. Bottom line: Don't go down the hatch until you check the room out.

I'm lucky I was taking this part slow and explored a bit...nothing like a second playthrough because of one item....although, I may have missed Iron Lung.

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