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Originally Posted by donbozza View Post
Has anyone unlocked this one yet? I've destroyed as many buildings as I can in a few different areas and it hasn't unlocked.

Which level is it supposed to be? The area before you fight Crimson Dynamo?

EDIT: Alright, got it now. It is the area with the objective "Access the facility subnet", there are a bunch of marked buildings, hit them all with your Uni beam which blows the roof completely off (I think this was my problem, I was using other weapons previously and there were always a couple of sheets of roofing left). I had destroyed a few of the smaller buildings before I started using the Uni beam on the marked buildings so I'm not sure if they count or not, but as soon as I hit the last marked building the achievement popped.

Your weapon doesn't matter. You have to destroy some of the unmarked buildings too, like the silos and little shed like things on top of the bigger buildings.
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