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i rented this game... having no life bar is just fine to me but im quite used to knowing how close you are to death based on the red around the screen cause i love gears of war. and you do recover over time... and as for the sluggish comment... i disagree... its not a run and gun thats for sure. stay behind cover. reload on your own. youll get through just fine.

i enjoy this game. but im not gonna bother getting most the achievements. and sat when the 5 days is up i wont be rerenting again.

but if you beat gears and got to rank 100 already, perhaps this game is a pleasant and familiar way to spend some time waiting for gears 3 to be released

oh and i can appreciate the story too... its interesting. even when i get to difficult and discouraging spots, im encouraged to keep going just to find out what happens next
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