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Wrench Jockey - located in Kure-All(Medical Pavilion) go through the openable door on your right as soon as you walk in(you will see it glowing in the door on your left) and there will be a vent on the ground to your left as you walk in. bash the vent open with your wrench and go to the other side to get it

Speedy Hacker - Right next to the diary Suchong - Plasmids Are The Paint, in the room in the Medical Pavilion that you have to climb through the window while a gun turret is shooting at you, it's in the room to the left of where it says "Painless Dental" on the map

Static Discharge - While going to find Steinman, you will come across a closed gate with a splicer and a security bot on the other side, as well as a turret. Kill all of them, and while goin down the hall, there will be a defiled corpse lying against the wall, with Static Discharge lying right next to him.

halo 3 and rock band!!!

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