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Thanks, I'll dip back in with my lvl 50 human commando to continue the loot droppage and rune collection since that one's likely the farthest along, have a few tier 3 charms to work on too. It's getting a bit tedious though LOL!!

My "AAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH" level just went up a notch or two last night.

I decided to try a whole other approach to Unstoppable Ice Forest. There's the one circular platform with two Trolls and a buttload of green goblin bastards, many of whom have the back-mounted guns.

I ALWAYS die there. Without fail. I figured if I can get past that I should be okay. So I fired up a new cybernetic Bio-engineer, racked up his health, armour and regen as much as I could that early in the game, equipped a laser for the fire-bomb grenades that do wonders clearing crowds, and played keep-away on that platform to regen any time I got too low on health and I got through that patch with a few scars but without dying. Success! (?)

Got to Hod death-free and took him down also without dying...and it glitched me. No unlock. ARGH!!!!

So I switched to Dead Space. LOL!!! Needed a break from this game.

I'd started the "Overpowered Slug Commano" route with my last open character slot, but am only at lvl 23 or so, not yet unstoppable enough haha.

Will pick away at all this, but definitely need a break from the grind! Never realized when I fired up the game the first time I'd end up enjoying it enough to grind at all!
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