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Kino Der Toten Strategy Guide
by: SideDish120

This strategy guide will help you get these three very difficult and meticulous achievements:

  • The Collector
  • Sacrificial Lamb
  • See me, Stab Me, Heal Me - Secret Achievement

I highly recommend going for "The Collector" on it's own. Then attempt to get "Sacrificial Lamb" and "See me, Stab Me, Heal Me". This will be explained in detail below.

Things you need to get started:
  • 4 players that will stick around for everyone to get the achievements.
  • 4 players that are moderately experienced at this game. One person can go down and mess this entire thing up.
  • Let everyone know exactly what is going on. One wrong door that is opened can cause you to restart. So be sure everyone knows the plan.
  • Patience. This may take your team a couple tries for each achievement as sometimes you may get luckier then other rounds.
  • If you plan on moving to a new area/plan on buying a new weapon/upgrading a current weapon you have/moving around the map period. Always keep one zombie alive. Never forget this. Going from round to round will get you killed faster then you may ever expect.
Weapons of choice:
  • MP40 found in the double staircase room. It has a 32 round clip, and can hold at start 192 shots to reload with.
  • Melee with the . Use it! It is really helpful at the start of rounds to earn easy points. Each Knife kill will earn you 130 points instead of the normal 60 for a regular kill.
  • Ray gun from the random box. If you can get this around wave 9+ and be able to upgrade it. Your team will be much better off.

First we will start with a basic layout of the map found below to get accustomed to it, and to know the basic strategy.

The first area you start in is known as the Lobby. This is the entire layout of the map in it's basic form.

The basic strategy to earn money to buy things, survive 13+
rounds, and earn your achievements:

Number of rounds played depends on player skill and luck with acquiring weapons.

Round 1 - 3
The first three rounds you will stay in the Lobby area as shown above. One person each will go to a window to defend it. Use the pistol ammo wisely. For each points, shoot a zombie 6 times. Then once he gets to the window, do a simple melee kill. You will surely run out of ammo by the second round if done correctly. Always be repairing the windows also. It's easy points and stops the zombies from getting in, but don't stand to close as the zombies can reach through the window and hit you. Two hits and you are downed, causing your team to abandon their window and need to help you. These 3 rounds no zombies should enter, and no one should have purchased anything. Save your money!

Between Round 3 - 4

During this round the person with the most money open the door found at the staircase in the upper right hand corner. Go through the room and continue until you find the other door, have another person open this one. Go down the stairs into a large room with two staircases going down on your right and left side. This is the next area you will be staying for the next couple rounds. As you enter the room, go to the right and have everyone buy a MP40. This will give you a huge ammo boost, a great weapon, and the points needed to progress as each bullet hit will give you 10 points.

Round 4 - 7

These couple rounds aren't difficult at all. Have two players watching the stairs at the top where you originally came from through the door. This is where the majority of enemies will come from. Have another player watching the bottom doorways while killing enemies, while the other watches the window found on the far end of the upper floor(this player will always keep the last zombie alive by just continuously rebuilding the barrier in the window).

Between Round 7 - 8
Once you have completed round 7 and left a zombie alive, you will need to move to the final location found in the very far back of the alleyway area. DO not turn on the power found in the Theather area next to the M16. This is saved for later. The alleyway is the final location where you will bunker down from now on. Gather ammo and get prepared to fight hordes of zombies.

Round/s 8+
*Do not open the door that is in the back of this alleyway no matter what. Opening this door will negate the funnel you are trying to create with the alleyway for zombies to come at you.*

Here you will have 3 players be facing the area you just came from.(Aiming at the fenced area). This is where all the zombies will be coming from. Player 4 will stick to the back of the area near the stairs. Here is a window in which zombies will spawn also. His job is to kill zombies, but to make sure one is always left at the end of a round and to make sure no zombies come from behind.

Between the rounds after 8
This is where leaving the final zombie at the end of a round is critical. It allows other players to run into the other areas of the map to buy ammo and upgrade their weapons.

Other things to know/remember:
  • Never open the back door under any circumstance in the alleyway. It will ruin the plan completely.
  • Always keep a zombie alive during the end of each round. This will keep the game going longer and longer so that you can keep trying for your achievements.
  • Turn the Power on after in between rounds 8 - 9. Doing so will allow you to use the machines that give you extra abilities.
  • Dogs will come every 4-6 rounds. You will hear, "Fetch me their souls!" Huddle up into a corner and watch the area in front of you. The final dog killed will always have a Max ammo.

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