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Credit for the high score achievement descriptions goes to Xenolith666.

High Score in Virtual Smash - 20
Get a score of 800 in Virtual Smash

You can do this on Easy mode, if you're fast enough and don't miss any breaks. Make sure you punch across your body or it won't register. If not, do it on Medium mode because there are more blocks to hit.

High Score in Light Race - 20
Get a score of 500 in Light Race

It is best to do this in Medium mode. Just follow the pattern and move your feet to activate the lit up squares. Once the pattern is done, it repeats. The faster you go, the more squares you can step on. Also best done on Medium mode.

High Score in Loop-a-Hoop - 20
Get a score of 300 in Loop-a-Hoop

This is rather easy, I've scored over 400 points on easy mode. Just pull the hoops down with your hands and swirl your hips in a circle. It does work your abs!

High Score in Stack 'Em Up - 20
Get a score of 500 in Stack 'Em Up

This is the hardest of the bunch. The best thing to do is complete Easy mode to unlock Medium mode. Once in medium mode, hold the platform as low as possible so the blocks drop down faster. Some blocks come down on fire and you must raise your leg (left if block falls on left and vice versa) to put the fire out. Get as many blocks stacked as possble, they change color the higher they go. Try and get them to red and then dump them into the traps on the side (when they are open of course).

First Contact - 50
Complete Fitness Test & Quiz.

The first time you go into Personal training the game will ask you some questions. Just answer everything and when you get done you will get this achievement.

1st full Cardio Boxing class - 50
Unlock 1st full Cardio Boxing class.

When you first go in to the Cardio Boxing section the only class unlocked is Cardio Boxing Bronze Part 1. Do this Course. Once you have completed it Cardio Boxing Bronze Part 2 should unlock. Do Part 2 and once you are done with that Cardio Boxing Bronze Complete should unlock, followed shortly after by this achievement.

1st full Zen Class - 50
Unlock 1st full Zen Class.

Same principle as Cardio Boxing, except there are three parts to the first Zen class.

Track your progress online - 5
Link your profile on the official website.

Follow the step by step instructions to connect within the game. Afterwords you will need to do one of the activities so that the game will try to synch with the website.

Be part of the community - 5
Subscribe to an event on the official website.

This part of the website is currently not active so this is not currently achievable.

Ready Steady Go! - 5
Create or accept a challenge from a friend on the official website.

Go to and create or accept a challange. You will need to have linked your profile from within the game first for this to work.

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