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Originally Posted by Kaffeebohnson View Post
I am stuck for days now on my playthrough on hard at the scene where you have to defend my teammates who drill holes into the seed and wave after wave of enemies pours in.

Does anyone have strategies for this scene? I only found the shotgun to be of any use, and even with that it takes a minimum of 4 Shots to kill an enemy. I always get overwhelmed at the last wave (i think), it takes to long to kill and reload, and if i try to stay back my teammates die because i took too long to fight my way through to them.

Is there a trick to this to make it easier?
I was having issues with that too man but I asked one of the people we had boosted with about it and followed his strategy. I know you are talking about the end of the womb. Utilize the blood cleaver and keep running around in a circle from each person you are defending and don't stay in one place. That strategy is the only thing that helped me and also allowed me to get the achievement for not letting them go down when I played it on easy.
Also, for those that don't know, you do not have to play the whole game on hard. Just select the hard difficulty on the key chapters such as the root of the tower, the womb,seeds of gnosis, cavitas crani, etc.,
Understand that when I say this that I did do a full second playthrough and didn't skip chapters, but after awhile of doing the each chapter on hard i decided to try to do the chapters without achievements attached to them on easy and the ones with the achievements I played on hard

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