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i found this locations somewhere else

-Alarm Expert 2 :Proving grounds level -> Optimized Eugenics part, first door on the right, up on a filing cabinet on the left rear as you walk in.
-Hacker's Delight - Cremate the body in the Medical Pavillion
-Medical Expert 2 - Awarded by an alive Cohen or bought in Hephestus
-Natural Camoflouge - Research the Houdini Splicers
-Medical Tonic 2 in the machine in Hephaestus

-hackers delight 3: "where you need to collect the head for the big daddy suit, its on the very left at the table. you cannot mis it.
-Eve Link can be bought from one of the Gatherers Gardens
-wrench jockey 2 by reaserching the bouncer big daddy
-Extra Nutrition is in the gatherers garden at the beggining of Neptunes bounty
-Human Inferno in Arcadia's Gatherer's Garden for 20
-Frozen Field - Awarded for killing the Cohen victim in the freezer
-Shorten Alarms Almost 100% sure, Arcadia level, the Gatherer's machine, buy it with some ADAM.

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