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Originally Posted by Luiza014 View Post
so, i have also been a die hard fan of pro for years and even got the last two editions, however considering to switch to fifa because everyone was saying how much better it was.
pro 2008 was shit. thats just a fact.
last year's seemed to get back in track and although it wasn't a wonder, it was ok.
this year i downloaded both demos and although i was more convinced to try this year's fifa, after playing the demo i thought that it was a better idea to stick to pro.
the thing is i just rented it last night and i'm almost half way through with the achievements and i believe i can finish it in another rental.
my question is: is it worth to get fifa for achievements sake and to play more on my own? or should i stay with pro?
i dunno if all this makes sense

If you want FIFA get 10 because it's 5 at gamstation now. FIFA 11 achievements are easier though (got all the offline ones in less than a week, Virtual Pro can be done against second controller) if that's what your buying it for. I've been a die hard FIFA fan since PES 2008 was crap, but I got rid of FIFA 11, I might buy PES 2011.
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