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Originally Posted by Donaugh View Post
sadly this fix is not working for me, I remain glitched under the castle. im 3 achievements away from 1000 and not going to be happy if I need to restart...
Hm. :/ Did you want me to try and help you out?

Originally Posted by CRA166 T View Post
nikecon - same with me mate since the update ive not been able to join a random game, i kep getting told ive got network problems.
Ah, well I'm glad it's not my network then. Hopefully they'll fix this soon. I wanted to get that we can be heroes achievement. ><

Originally Posted by Quickdraw View Post
i had it afew times but i could still join games didn't totally rule me out some reason.
I wonder why it still works for you. O.o

Originally Posted by calvinkid2 View Post
..... where were you 5 days ago.... Lol i got stuck under sand and i had to start over T.T Was only 3 silver keys, gnomes, a 2 books away from all of the achievements. But im glad you found a way to fix it.
Lol well I didn't figure this fix out, someone messaged it to me and they found it on the lionhead forums, no idea who to thank lol. I know how you feel though. I got stuck under chillbreath caverns and none of the fixes I knew at that time worked. So I restarted. xD
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