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Originally Posted by Salut Allo View Post
For the next 3 week ends, I will concentrate on aegis wing, I will help anyone who sends me a message, during the same day. So message me during the next week ends if you want help with ace.

True to his word...he helped me out. This guy is amazing guys. Literally just attach to him at the start of each level. hold down A and press B whenever you get the power ups...he'll even set you up for the best shot possible. The final boss who was brutal for me by myself on normal, was dead on insane in less than a minute and a half (probably much less). All in all, it took about half and hour and we had around 250,000 points.

The only performance I can compare to his on aegis is that BUJA guy's in Frogger.

Phenomenal work my friend. Makes me proud to be Canadian. hehehe
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