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Hey guys, thanks for the feedback!


You are absolutely right, in hindsight, I should have gone into more depth in specific levels, but do keep in mind this is an Achievement Guide, not a game guide. All I've done is elaborate on what has to be done to get an achievement. The only map that I thought it was necessary to go into more detail on was for the Black Hole achievement.

If you do need more help on strategies for particular levels, you can go to the hemisphere games website, and look at the updates and FAQ section, where some of the harder levels have been examined closely.


I actually put a lot of thought into the difficulty rating. Rating something like Osmos as 8 or 9 for achievement difficulty can't be justified, since different people are going to experience the game, and the progression at a completely different level. One person may breeze through, while another may never be able to finish it.

Keeping in mind that the levels are in some cases Randomly Generated, there is no way to accurately depict their difficulty, thus, I gave it an average rating.
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