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Physical: 19 Tonics

BloodLust - U-Invent machine / Inventable after Arcadia
Booze Hound - U-Invent MAchine / Inventable after Arcadia
Eve Link - Sold at Gatherer's Garden machines
Eve Link 2 - Farmer's Market / On the ground near U-Invent & vending machines.
Extra Nutrition - Sold at Gatherer's Garden machines.
Extra Nutrition 2 - Storage Basement of the mall area in Fort Frolic. Covered by metal grate if Cohen dies. Also purchasable.
Extra Nutrition 3 - Research Spider splicers
Hacker's Delight - Cremate the body in the Medical Pavillion.
Hacker's Delight 2 - U-Invent machine / Inventable after Arcadia
Hacker's Delight 3 - Proving Grounds / Same room as the Big Daddy Helmet.
Medical Expert - Neptune's Bounty / In the center of the muddy section of the Lower Wharf.
Medical Expert 2 - Fort Frolic / Awarded by an alive Cohen or bought in Hephestus
Medical Expert 3
Natural Camoflouge - Research the Houdini Splicers
Scrounger - Research Leadhead splicers
Security Evasion - Arcadia / In the center of a group of splicers, near an Invent machine.
Security Evasion 2 - Hephaestus / Heat Monitoring / Across from electricuted ghost scene, sitting on desk
Sportboost - Research Thuggish splicers
Sportboost 2 - Research Thuggish Splicers

Engineering: 16 Tonics

Alarm Expert - Fort Frolic / Theater / Top Left balcony sitting on the ledge
Alarm Expert 2 - Point Prometheus / Optimized Eugenics / on filing cabinet
Clever Inventor - Suchong's Apartment / Beside the tape recorder
Focused Hacker - Neptune's Bounty / In the area right before fighting Peach Wilkins.
Focused Hacker 2
Hacking Expert - Arcadia / Sitting on the first desk in Langford Labs
Hacking Expert 2
Prolific Inventor - Awarded for saving Little Sisters / Last Tonic reward
Safecracker - Awarded for saving Little Sisters / First Tonic reward
Safecracker 2
Security Expert - Medical Pavilion / On a small chest in the morgue.
Security Expert 2 - Research the flying Security Bot
Shorten Alarms - Neptune's bounty / Near "Saw Masha Today" recording or buy it at a Gatherer's Garden machine in Arcadia.
Shorten Alarms 2 - Hephaestus / On the floor right before setting off the EMP.
Speedy Hacker - Medical Pavilion / On the desk in the dentist's lab.
Speedy Hacker 2

Combat : 18 Tonics

Armored Shell
Armored Shell 2 - Awarded for saving Little Sisters / Second Tonic Reward
Damage Research - Hephaestus / Across from the EMP bomb on a table
Damage Research 2
Electric Flesh - Fort Frolic / The Projector Room in the Theater / On bookshelf
Electric Flesh 2 - Olympic Heights / Fontaine's apartment / In the office on the desk
Frozen Field - Fort Frolic / Awarded for killing the Cohen victim in the freezer
Frozen Field 2 - Hephaestus - Room off entrance to Ryan's office - on desk
Human Inferno - Arcadia Gatherer's Garden machine / 20 Adam
Human Inferno 2
Photographer's Eye
Photographer's Eye 2 - Research the Rosie Big Daddy.
Static Discarge - Medicial Pavilion / In the hallway after fighting Steinman.
Static Discharge 2 - Research Leadhead splicers
Wrench Jockey - Medical Pavilion / Seen from a window. In a back room, reached by airshaft.
Wrench Jockey 2 - Research Bouncer Big Daddy
Wrench Lurker - Neptune's Bounty / Sitting on the ledge near the plasmid machine.
Wrench Lurker 2
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