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Originally Posted by Pashos View Post
For the Finger Roll achievement, you can go for a lay up like you would a dunk, but while you're in the air, just press again.

For Clean Sheet, if someone doesn't have extra controllers, playing a game of 21 will be easy to shut them out. Just make sure you score the first points, and then you will start with the ball every time. I used LeBron James on the Miami Heat, made the first basket, and then I just shot a 3 pointer right away and it went in every time, especially once you're on fire.
Thanks for the addition to Finger Roll, seeing as you are way more qualified at this stuff than I am...

I'll add a little bit about the 21 trick for clean sheets, I know I myself have done it this way a few times, but I still think the no shot clock, with the trick to never get shoved is the best way to get this one with only one controller.

Plus, you can get this, Double Up, and Triple Up in one match if you want.
Here's a mix I made for fun... love to know what you think!

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