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Sparkster - 5
Emit sparks for 1 second!

This is the easiest achievement in the game. If you played the original Pac-Man: Championship Edition, then you should know how to do this. But in case you don't know, all you have to do is move the diagonally when against a wall for one second, which will emit sparks on contact, hence the achievement description.

30 Ghost Combo - 10
Eat 30 ghosts in succession!

This will most likely come naturally without even trying. Just keep gathering ghosts to chase you until you find a Power Pellet (don’t go for the one in the bottom since you'll usually won’t have enough ghosts chasing you). Once you get the Power Pellet, chomp away and you should get it. Also, when they say succession, they mean before the Power Pellet's effect goes out, not eating as much as you can in a row. This makes it a little easier to unlock.

Score Attack (5 Minutes) - 10
Play Score Attack (5 Minutes) until the very end!

See "Score Attack (10 Minutes)" for more details.

Score Attack (10 Minutes) - 15
Play Score Attack (10 Minutes) until the very end!

This and Score Attack (5 Minutes) will come along naturally. All you have to do is beat it to unlock the achievement.

Time Trial Cleared - 15
Beat the Time Trial mode!

You may notice there is more than one time trial mode. At first, you only have "Short Time Trial 1", but you unlock the next short time trial after. After you beat the 7th one, which shouldn't take long at all, you will unlock a 10 minute one. This one is what they meant by "Time Trial Mode". Despite the 10 minute time limit, it's a lot shorter than it looks and took me roughly about 5 minutes. Beat it and bam, achievement unlocked.

No Mistakes - 15
Finish Score Attack (5 Minutes) with no mistakes!

This achievement is a little misleading. By mistakes, they mean don't die, not "never go in slow motion" or something like that. This is actually much easier than it looks. All you have to do is choose Score Attack (5 Minutes), make your difficulty Beginner, and then just keep camping by going in circles without waking up too many ghosts. Also, don’t eat a Power Pellet, it usually cranks up your speed by at least 10 points if you eat the ghosts. This, along with No Bombs, should be done on a playthrough that doesn't involve getting points, seeing as you will have to stall most of the time.

10,000 Gamerscore = 7/16/10
20,000 Gamerscore = 11/6/10
Aiming for 30,000 gamrscore.

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