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Originally Posted by joshnorm View Post
Also any tips on a decent team (with unlocked characters) would be good to use in Remix? I attempted with Utah since Okur is great at the 3, Malone is a bull and there are other weapons to bring in if needed (defense, another range shooter, etc) but with the boss battles I think this team would die (already have against Malone..)
I started a game as the Nuggets for lack of knowledge about anything basketball, I've just loved the Jam games since the beginning...
I have been doing fine at all the remix games, but the Karl Malone Boss Battle is one of the most ridiculous things ever....
DON"T LET HIM CATCH FIRE! Restart if he does.
Throw elbows right behind the three point line to knock him away and fire...
I beat him this way eventually.
As for the turbo and one shot fire... well I'm close to unlocking the fire, but my fear is that this will work both ways (as in previous versions of this game) and would make Bosses near impossible.

I made a thread for people to share boss strategies and linked it in both the road map & guide, please anyone who has beaten any of the Bosses in remix tour contribute if you can.
Here's a mix I made for fun... love to know what you think!

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