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Originally Posted by SebastianSB View Post
That's a horrible suggestion, imo. There are very, very few HO/POs in that song. This is a thread about songs with lots of HO/POs, not songs that are hard or have a lot of notes.

The main riff only has two in each repeat, and the other sections of the song have absolutely none.
well, harmonix has recharted a lot of dlc songs when imported to rock band 3. for example, aesthetics of hate (OP should add to list btw) is now almost entirely composed of hammer-ons. i dont know of harmonix recharted snow (i dont have the song or access to a rb3 chart) but it wouldn't surprise me if they recharted the entire riffs to be HOPOs instead of awkward strumming.

but if its the same chart as in rb2, then yes, snow is a horrible choice.
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