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Originally Posted by vithzeral View Post
Master League (325)
Start a Master League with Barcelona (because Messi seems to be pre-programmed to win Footballer of the Year the first year giving an achievement for 70). Make sure you are on manual save, not auto. Sim every game making sure you do not lose (draw is OK), and save every few games or after the most difficult games. This first season will take about 2 hours. Reload as needed until you finish the season undefeated (90), winning league (15), cup, champions league (2 for 50) and being ranked #1 (50). You will now have all the Master League achievements except for 10 years of service (50). Continue simming if you are going for the full 1000; the results donít matter, but this is going to take you an estimated 20 hours..
are you sure it's ok to draw games? because in previous versions you had to win 100% of your games for this achievement
if it's ok to draw, I'll do as you suggest, and sim the majority of my games
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