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Originally Posted by LiquidSkieS View Post
I played chapter 10 again. This time I jumped up on the crocodile ledge and opened the chest manually. Also, I made sure to fight enemies away from the chests so they don't hit them on accident. The book now shows I collected all 38 in chapter 10. Hope this helps out with the rest of the people who want to destroy this game as much as I do. BTW I still did NOT pop the achievement

You guys are starting to discourage me as I am still playing through this sh#t. I started this game over a year ago as my then girlfriend wanted it and put it on my profile. So now I am playing it through to complete it and of course now its patched so there is soo much to muddle through. Currently I am still 2 playering it on medium... but as I read these posts I am getting more and more furious. I just KNOW that I am gonna miss some of these chests, so I will share in you guys's fury later. for now... must hack and slash some more... damned any game that DOESN'T have stackable acheivements.
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