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I am having troubles with this method. I have two Xbox 360s my wifes and mine we used a free trial to make a second name on her system, so now there is her and a guest name with gold plus my account on another system. now how can I get all three of these accounts into an online survival game? since it seems to only let me and only one of the two accounts into the match.

Edit: Sorry I went back and read this post better. I thought it was saying this method could be done with two boosters (you and one other). So how this works is you need three people all with a second account (so you can take your losses on the second account not effecting your rank progression on your main account)? Well I have 2 accounts, and I am up for boosting anytime durning the weekends. Just send me a friends request to Gamertag: Masterhook99 and a message letting me know you wanna boost Dead or Alive 4. If someone else has two Xbox 360s and can rent or buy another copy of this game we can do it with just two of us.

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