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Originally Posted by BloodHungry89 View Post
I just saw a preview of this and it looks pretty cool it showed Rashad Evans explaining his workout and your supposed to follow it step for step. Which leaves me to wonder if they are going to implement Brocks famous 720 spin from the Cain fight.
I still prefer the late Justin Eiler's version of the Ric Flair flop when he fought Buentello.
Fights that need to happen
Couture/CC (Old CC Hopefully)
Shogun/Lil Nog 2

Silva said he is still upset about how bad he got beat up in the second Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic fight in Pride’s open-weight tournament semi-finals in September 2006. He laughed and said he begged officials not to stop the fight when he was bloodied up because he hadn’t even hit Cro Cop yet.
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