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Where is the pilot hat??

Question: Where is the "pilot hat"?

Answer: It's on the ramp, as described in the guide. It's in your inventory next to the Pharaoh hat.

[I had a hard time finding this because I was using the search/find tool on the guide list and it would stop on the first pilot hat in the list, but that hat is obtained from the mystery egg machine, which I never used. So that halted my progression as I learned later that the pilot hat I had was further down the list next to the Pharaoh's hat.]

Question: Where is the most reliable place to take a picture of the Abominable Snowman?

Answer: Hilarious! While I was typing this up, I was standing near the paratrooper at Mt. Toymore in case he showed. Sure enough he was there.
Unfortunately, as I got my camera out and focused to take the pic, he disappeared again. Shiz! I'll get him next time.
Edit: Yep, I got him, and my "Photojournalist" achievement.

Question: How do you get bandits to show up? They're no where to be found in my game anymore.

Answer: Just as I thought. My game was glitching. I restarted my console, and the bandits were once again roaming around, and the Stage Coach was periodically held up by bandits.

Question: Where else could the stage coach be? I have a mission to help it, but can't find it in its usual spot.

Answer: Same solution here. I restarted my console, and this mission disappeared. The bandits were roaming around again.

I was looking for the Stage Coach so I could complete the Gold Star Mission "Moving Target".
Mayor Hamm periodically asks you to check on the Stage Coach when it doesn't arrive.
Be sure
to throw the army paratrooper by Mt. Toymore before saving the coach, since it will be stationary. It doesn't have to be moving to get the credit.
Be sure to shoot the bandits with your Laser Pistol to work on "Space Sheriff" gold star, too.

"CLASS OF 2005"

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