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Originally Posted by Daniel55645 View Post
WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THE VOCAL SHIFTING?????!!!!!. It makes no damn sense. they never had it before until bealtes rock band. i dont understand it. is it to make you fuck up or what?
vocal shifting? like the vertical vocal range on the highway? imo, i think its actually a lot easier when they have it the way they do now, since you can predict phrases when your arrow is below/higher above the actual vocal bar through the "octive lines".


there are only 5 things i absolutely hate about the new vocal system:

1. you can now pause the game to get you a 5 second head start (or as long as you want, if you pause again), which can potentially make any medium singer 100% any song on expert given enough time and patience.

2. the game doesn't save your settings for mic volume and singer volume; it will always start you off with max volumes for both. its rather annoying to change it every time.

3. dropped ticks (AKA keeping an "awesome" without scoring 1000 base points on expert, or other difficulties) result in a 99%. AKA you can FC any song and potentially get 99% a lot of the time, instead of 100%.

4. the vocal track is ON THE TOP OF THE SCREEN. it hurts my neck looking up that far from my TV angle.

5. no mic sensitivity options. it works in my favor, since i can get some scores better since other people's mics "set" senstivities might give them a disadvantage, but you should really be able to adjust them for everybody's sake.

otherwise, the game is fine as far as i can tell.
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