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Originally Posted by acdougla17 View Post
I don't understand how people can say this game is random or bikes are too hard to control. The physics are perfect. I know exactly whats going to happen when my bike is about to land 99% of the time so I can always be prepared for it. Even on tracks I have never played.

The game is EXTREMELY consistent. So consistent that the replays are actually based off purely controller input. So all the game does it record the buttons you press and then insert them into a "blank" replay so it isn't actually recording 5000 replays per track. That is why there are the occasionally replays where it shows someone crashing. Usually due to timing being a fraction of the second off or by an explosion throwing it off a bit. But when you look at how many actually play, its amazing how consistent it really is.

Its all about knowing the game. Because there are probably less than a dozen obstacles in the game that are slightly unpredictable at times, everything else is cake once you learn how the bikes react. This also isnt your average game where you can spend 5 hours playing it and be pretty good. I would say it takes 25+ hours for someone to become decent - good at the game. Very good comes somewhere past 75.
Couldn't have put it better.

I'm not pointing anyone out, or trying to flame anyone, but maybe people who think it's a bad game or whatever, is because their not as good at the game as they think they should be.

I have a few friends who bought the game, then said it was a P.o.S. game because they couldn't get past the medium or hard tracks. I was like, dude, just practice and you'll get it before too long. Needless to say, they havent touched the game since.
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