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Originally Posted by Thinreaper View Post
Dude that is such a slow way of doing it!

A match should last less than one minute, not six!

Co-op territory
Old Town
5 Zones
Failure = 1 zone
Auto launch 30 seconds

The enemies take about 10 seconds to spawn, they capture a base within ten seconds, game over in under 30 seconds. Simple as that. Add the time from the auto launch timer and the loading screen and you're hosting one match every 2 minutes, AT LEAST.

You're method is slow as hell man, sorry.
I've started this recently and it takes a little over 1 minute for a match to end and then auto-launch the next (This includes 30 second auto start). So, you figure you average about 60 games/hour.

8 x 60 = 480 matches/night

This should pop after two 8 hour sessions and an extra hour for the last 40 matches. If you're like me, you'll have already hosted matches from trying to boost the leaderboard achievements as well as hosting the co-op campaign matches.

Overall, this achievement is pretty easy; just takes a little dedication.
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